New Members Information                                                                                                                                                                                            May 2017

Thank you for your enquiry concerning the Striders.

We meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in our club room at Hannakins Farm Community Centre in Rosebay Avenue just before 7.00, and the sessions last from 7.00 – 8.00

On Tuesday’s we offer Coached sessions with our team of experienced Coaches.

For the summer months, these are in the main taking place on the field that is Queens Park Country Park, just a short jog from the club meeting room. However, there will be occasional sessions around the Cricket Pitch at Lake Meadows, and also on the Grass Track at Mayflower School. The session will consist of some warm up drills, the session itself, a cool down, and finally some stretching back at the club room. The main part of the session will usually be about 30 – 40 minutes in length, and is designed to have you working at a higher intensity than possibly your normal training run would entail, and to complement the training runs of whatever miles you currently do.

The present training block that runs until August is working more on shorter distance speed work for the 10k and 5k season which is what the late Spring, Summer months are mainly about.

The block we do from late August to year end is working towards Stamina and Endurance for the Cross-Country Season, and then the block from January to April is looking at Spring Marathon and Half Marathon training.

The late August onwards and January blocks will take place out on the pavements around Billericay.  

On Tuesday’s in the Summer there is also a small group who go out and run between 6 and 8 miles Cross Country, around many of the footpaths and bridleways we have on offer. Once the light evenings go these runs will become restricted to the pavements round town.

On Thursday’s there is no Coached session as such, and those gathered organise themselves into groups and head off out and do Cross Country of between 4 and 7.5 miles. Those familiar with the routes will end up doing their own thing, but by and large we try and keep in groups, and the slower groups / runners are looked after on a rota basis by the experienced club runners. Again, once the light evenings go these runs too will be back on the pavements round town.

We do not ask potential members to join straight away, but to come along for a couple of weeks to try us out and see if what we have to offer is what they are looking for with their running. Then if you would like to join, you can find all the relevant information on the membership page of our website.

Your first year’s membership fee includes a club T-shirt.

I hope the above to be of interest and look forward to welcoming you to one of our club nights soon.

Dave Sweet – Club Secretary and Junior Coach