Juniors Information                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     July 2017

Thank you for your interest concerning the Junior Striders.

We meet on Tuesday evenings in our club room at Hannakins Farm Community Centre in Rosebay Avenue just before 7.00, and the sessions last from 7.00 – 8.00

For the summer months, these are in the main taking place on the field that is Queens Park Country Park, just a short jog from the club meeting room. However, there may be occasional sessions around the Cricket Pitch at Lake Meadows, and also on the Grass Track at Mayflower School.

The session will consist of some warm up drills, the session itself, a cool down (usually the jog back to the clubroom), and finally some stretching back at the club room. The main part of the session will usually be about 30 minutes in length including recovery times, and is designed to be enjoyable, hopefully fun, but to have you working at a higher intensity than possibly your normal exercise might entail and to complement any other sporting activities you may do inside or outside of school.

For the Winter months, once the light evenings go (around October time), we train on the pavements near to the Community Centre, with sessions like Hill Reps (continuous and individual), an endurance type session, something called the Steps, which incorporates uphill, downhill and flat running, and Bleep Tests.

We also have the option to use a small section of the field behind Hannakins with which we can do more relay based and speed work. It is envisaged that for 2017/18 this will get more use than it did last year.

There are 4 or 5 of us on the Junior Coaching team, being myself, David Cunnew, Christine Deacon, Sue Keiller and Keith Walker.

The main objectives of the sessions are TELE

  • To Try
  • To Enjoy
  • To Learn
  • To Encourage

We understand that Juniors cannot be pushed in the same way as the Seniors / Adults are in their sessions, but there are times when we have joint sessions due to Junior Coaches being unavailable, or there are such small numbers of Juniors attending (usually school holidays), that it makes more sense to merge sessions. In these instances, the Juniors will normally do a pared down version of the Senior session.

This can be beneficial for them too, in that

  • they can pick up things from running with and hearing the Seniors,
  • benefit from someone else running the session, and
  • undertake a different session to that we might otherwise have run.

We actively encourage the Juniors to take part in such events as

  • Junior Park Runs / Park Runs with their parents if under 11. Distance 5k
  • Crown to Crown races at Westley Heights Country Park. Distance 5k.
  • Skylark runs at the Wick, Wickford. Distance 3k
  • The Club Handicap 4 times a year in March, June, September & December. Distance 2.7 miles (approx. 4.5k)
  • And if the Coaches believe it will be of benefit, the Saturday Essex XC League races when the venue is local.

In all of the above we would encourage parents to sort transport to the venues and to come along and support the Club.

It could also help to get your input on what you would like to see the club provide for the Juniors, and where possible we will look into all requests.

We do not ask potential members to join straight away, but to come along for a couple of weeks to try us out and see if what we have to offer, is what they are looking for with their running. Then if you would like to join, you can find all the relevant information on the membership page of our website.

All of the Coaches at the Club be they involved with the Seniors or the Juniors give up their time voluntarily as we are quite passionate about our running and are keen to pass onto others the knowledge and experience we have gained from the courses we have attended, and the years behind us of competitive running.

Your first year’s membership fee includes a club T-shirt.

I hope the above to be of interest and look forward to welcoming you to one of our training sessions soon.

Dave Sweet – Club Secretary

David Cunnew

Chris Deacon

Sue Keiller

Keith Walker