Welcome to the cross country season!

The relays are suitable for begineers & experienced alike. If you can get around the Parkrun distance you can get around one leg of this relay ! You could if you so wish do your Parkrun at 9am and one leg of the relay a few hours later !

Let's see how many teams we can get out on Saturday 7th October.

The full timetable for the STUBBERS  event is

10.30am = u13+U15+U17 Girls  = 3k x 3 legs 

11.30am = u13+u15+u17 Boys = 3k x 3 legs

12.30pm = SW 5k X 3 legs   /  SM 5k x 4 legs  / MIXED 2SM + 2SW 5k x 4

The club pays the entry fee for this county team event so please send me, Kurtis or Jo an email if you want to represent your club in the Essex XC Relays on Sat 7th October.


Please remember that any Billericay Strider that joins in with a coached session OR A CLUB RUN OF ANY SORT must wear white, yellow or reflective /high viz tops or bibs.

The club are responible for ensuring that safety measures are in place and everyone must adhere or they will be asked to leave the session.

We are attempting to raise finance for a safe area within Hannakins to train in the winter but there will always be sessions that are on the Billericay roads, particularly the High Street.

Our responsibilites here are twofold  :

  • run with care
  • ensure you dont hit/barge/shout at people and BE SEEN.  Save the aggressive running for your cross country races :-)


Thank you for your understanding

Please see attached  a Word Doc containing 5 road routes varying in length from 12 miles to 21 miles approx. that all start and finish from Lake Meadows.

They basically go further and further out from the main route as the explanation will say, all starting the same way and coming back in via the same route.

All can be confirmed of course on Google Maps and that is what I was using to confirm Road names etc as the outline for this is from 10 years ago, and some roads were different.

I have done all of these myself in the past.

This could be of interest for those doing an Autumn Marathon or any Marathon


Dave Sweet

We've added a new Juniors Striders section to the website, to include:

  • Information for potential new Junior Members
  • Results from Races, be they School Sports, District Sports
  • Results from County XC
  • Results from Park Runs including volunteering schedule as this too is important to reflect
  • Fixtures for events that may be of interest for Junior participation.
  • Charity help they may have given, been involved with.
  • D of E award scheme involvement


This is your place to have articles posted, photos of winning teams etc. So if there is something you would like to be seen here, or you have results from events, then let us know about them in order that we can include going forward.


Message from Gerry


There are FOUR sessions between September and the year end as specific ''Striders XC Squad training sessions''  

Would all Striders who intend running the cross country leagues this winter forgo whatever session they normally do on a Saturday morning and attend my 8.10am hour long session on the following four Saturdays: 

Sat 9th September

Sat 21st October

Sat 11th November

Sat 9th December 


Those of you who have attended my sessions know that i coach the session ( as opposed to taking part) - the sessions are varied, challenging, hard work, and good fun on what is probably one of the best cross country training venue in Essex !  

Attached are the results for this year's Club Mile.

Thanks to the team for organising & time-keeping.


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