With the cancellation of the Juniors Training this Tuesday, this means that the last Tuesday run of 2017 will be what we call the Mince Pie Run on 19th December.

This is where Juniors and Adults all run together along the High Street dressed in our Santa Hats, Reindeer Antlers, Tinsel etc. The Adults all running as a social group, will run left from the club up Rosebay, into Queens Park to the Potash Roundabout, then up the length of Stock Rd to the bottom of the High Street meeting the Juniors in that area outside Domino Pizza.

As that is quite a way for some of the Juniors, we will run as a social group right out of Rosebay, up to the Tyres Roundabout, along Perry Street, up Radford Way, and into the last bit of Stock Rd over the Railway Bridge.

Once all together we will stay together as a bigger social group as we run up the High Street to the Police Station as was. At the Police Station, the Seniors will then run back to the club at their own pace via London Road, Mountnessing Rd, Perry Street and Rosebay.

The Juniors will go back the way they came.

Once back at the club we will go into the bar for drinks and food, Mince Pies and the like (which the club will pay for), and everyone is welcome. Even if your Junior is not running that night you are more than welcome to come along for a drink and some snack food.

We will then be taking a break from training as Hannakins will close between Christmas and New Year, and all the Coaches (Juniors and Adults) can have some down time to recharge the batteries.

The Tuesday after New Year is the 2nd January, when the club will officially reopen, although with it still being holiday season, we do not expect great numbers that night, so we will re-commence Junior Training on Tuesday 9th January. This will also give the Junior Coaches a chance to have one session running with the Adults.

I hope you are ok with the above and look forward to seeing many of you all dressed up on Tuesday 19th December.