Please click here for the results from Sunday’s Club Handicap Rd 1 for 2018 in various configurations. So pick the one you like the best (that shows you in the highest position I guess), and go with that 😊 😊

We had three First Timers which is always good to see, and at least 2 PB’s. Even though Michelle went wrong right near the end, I asked Matt to estimate a finishing time based on where Michelle said she was placed when the error occurred.

Keith if you have Michelle’s e-mail address can you forward please.

Also many thanks to

John for helping with the start and then going out on his bike to support, to Vic for handing out the Disks at the end, and to Brian for marking part of the course. Thanks Gents, most appreciated.

Also attached for information is the updated Best Ever Times List so you can see where you feature in the overall scheme of things since the Handicap has been going.

Thanks All